Behind The Daf

I have been writing Talmudic and Halachic analysis article for a number of years. Due to demand from my regular readers to have them made publicly availible I have set up this site. I hope the desired benefits will be reached.

The Articles

My articles were written in the Order of thier source in Shas, but an average reader may be more interested in the "topic" then in origin. Hence we have made a menu both according to the order of Shas and the order of grouped topics. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE ARTICLES.


The Hundreds of articles can be searched using the search tool at the foot of each page.

Daf Hayomi

When we first started out we were writing just on Daf Hayomi, but as the number of articles grew, and the areas of interest increased, so did our website.

Our Tool Bar

We have designed a unique Tool Bar for those of us who either learn Daf Hayomi on-line or who use the internet for thier lerning of Torah. This tool bar has many relevant links that can be reached with the click of the mouse, sites with tens of thousands of free seforim for view etc. etc. its well worth a try you can always uninstall it if you regret having installed it. click here to download and install the toolbar.


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