SHUPL (Shanghai University of Political Science and Law) includes the following academic departments: School of General Laws(School of Mediation), School of Economic Law(Department of Silk Road Lawyers), School of International Law, School of Criminal Justice, School of Policing Studies, School of Artificial Intelligence and Law, School of Economic Management, School of Government, School of Languages and Cultures, Shanghai Documentary School, School of Marxism Theory, School of International Cooperation and Exchange as well as teaching units for general education modules such as Information Technology and Physical Education.

The university regards academic excellence as the engine of its development. Subjects in the area of legal studies at SHUPL are listed as first-class, competitive subjects in Shanghai. Some subjects,  among the array of featured taught subjects including International Law, Administrative Law, Penology, Financial Law, Environmental and Resource Protection Law, Marxism’s application in China and Journalism and Communication, rank among the top in Shanghai and nationwide. SHUPL offers master’s education in 3 major areas: Legal Studies, Marxism Theory and Journalism and Communication, as well as 4 professional degree programs: Law, International Commerce, Social Work, and Journalism and Communication. The university cultivates PhD students in partnership with Zhejiang University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Dalian Maritime University and Macau University of Science and Technology, and postdoctoral researchers with East China University of Political Science and Law. According to the ranking of the best universities in China 2020, the university ranks fourth in the Ranking of Chinese Political and Legal Universities in 2020; in the Ranking of the Quality of Chinese University Freshmen in 2020, the university ranks 156 out of the 1200 shortlisted universities.

We offer over 30 bachelor’s degree programs in Legal Studies, Penology, Intellectual Property, Economics, Business Administration, Financial Management, International Economy and Trade, Auditing, Economy and Finance, Taxation, Sociology, Social Work, Labor and Social Security, Applied Psychology, Political Science and Administration, International Politics, Administrative Management, Chinese Language and Literature, Journalism, Broadcasting and Television,  Broadcasting and TV Directing and Editing, English Language, Russian Language, Interpretation and Translation, Ideological and Political Education, International Chinese education,etc. Since 2014, we started to enroll Chinese ethnic students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and abroad.

Our Law and Penology are first-class undergraduate majors of the State and Shanghai respectively, Penology and Social Work programs are featured programs at the national level. Legal Studies(general laws), Legal Studies(criminal justice), Penology, Social Work, International Politics and other fields that contribute to the cultivation of “application-oriented talents” at SHUPL are flagship programs of the work on development of Shanghai undergraduate education. Law degree (artificial intelligence and law) is the first undergraduate enrollment in China; As the first of their ilk in the country, our three bachelor’s degree programs of Civil Mediation, Community Correction and Documentary Filming, have been highly recognized by their respective industries. The university has been approved as the first-class undergraduate education and postgraduate education program of Shanghai, as one of the two universities in Shanghai to pilot comprehensive legal studies reforms, SHUPL is an incubator for fostering legal talents working at both national and international level and Journalism and Communication talents. SHUPL is also a demonstration university for its successful establishment of an outstanding Marxism studies school and was chosen to take on the Shanghai pilot university reform of ideological education. The university is also a pilot area to test the Recruit System of Central Government Police Officers for Political and Legal Affairs and a member of the China Legal Alliance, an association of universities across China specialized in political science and law.

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