On June 18, 2022, Shanghai Ranking Consultancy, a professional evaluation institution of higher education, formally released 2022  Best Chinese Universities Ranking. In this professional ranking, the major of Community Correction (030107TK) of the School of Policing Studies in our school was rated A+, which is the No.1 in our country. The major of Penology (030103T) in the School of Policing Studies was also rated A+, which was ranked as second in the professional ranking.

  This ranking includes 568 undergraduate majors, and the list of each major released is the top 50% of all universities that offer this major, with 30242 majors from 990 universities in all. The  Best Chinese Universities Ranking  is the largest undergraduate major ranking in China, covering the largest number of majors and largest professional scales. The  Best Chinese Universities Ranking  has designed a unique professional competitiveness evaluation framework, which forms a comprehensive evaluation of the major through the evaluation of the three levels—school—subject---major. The ranking indicator system sets up five indicator categories, including school conditions, subject supporting, professional students, professional employment, and professional conditions, with a total of 19 measurement indicators. The School Conditions refers to the training conditions of a university, such as the income of fund, the scale of teachers, the structure of teachers, professor teaching, etc. The results are used for all majors offered by the university; the Subject Support refers to the level and the ability of relevant professional subjects. A subject has a supporting role for the relevant majors; The  Professional Students is the scores of College Entrance Examination, which reflects the social reputation and attraction to the students of the major; the Professional Employment reflects the condition that the professional graduates are recognized and accepted by the society; the Professional Conditions is to inspect the training conditions of the platforms, famous teachers, courses, teaching materials of the major in professional aspect and various certifications and key construction of the major.

   In recent years, the School of Policing Studies has made remarkable achievements. The major of Penology in the SOPS is a special major of law, which is the national special major of the Ministry of Education, the national first-class undergraduate major construction site, the highland of undergraduate education in Shanghai universities, and the first-class undergraduate major construction site in Shanghai. In 2020, it was selected as a first-class undergraduate specialty construction site in Shanghai. In 2021, it was selected as a national first-class undergraduate specialty construction site. In 2022, it won the championship in the major ranking of Chinese universities by the Alumni Association. It is noteworthy that the major of Community Correction, as an independent major from the Penology, has developed rapidly in the past two years with the efforts of the leaders of the School of Policing Studies and all teachers from the Community Correction teaching and research office. It was rated as a Chinese two-star application-oriented major in this year by the Alumni Association Ranking of Chinese universities, and it was selected as the high-level application-oriented major in China, ranked the first place in the 2022 Chinese University Community Correction Major Ranking (Applied) of the Alumni Association, especially in this Ranking of Consultancy of majors, it achieved excellent results than others.

   As a special major of law, the Community correction major of our school is a unique controlling major set by the Ministry of Education, and it is also a construction project of undergraduate education highland of Shanghai universities. The major of Community Correction has distinctive characteristics of judicial administration work. According to the basic requirements of criminal execution, the discipline of penalty execution is taken as the basic pattern to cultivate high-level composite talents who meet the needs of community correction work, and pay attention to training students' professional quality and practical skills. The major of Community Correction focuses on building a professional structure and curriculum system of community correction with law as the core. On the prerequisite of completing the basic knowledge system of law, it integrates the core technologies of sociology, psychology and other disciplines such as recidivism risk assessment, risk control and correction into the curriculum. At present, the characteristic and excellent courses offered by the community correction teaching and research office include Principles of Community Correction, Basic Theory of Criminology, Assessment of Community Correction Skills, Correction Psychology, Criminal Execution Theory and Practice, etc. At the same time, the community correction teaching and research office has a dual qualified teaching team that pays equal attention to theory and practice and rich professional resources. Now, it has established a mechanism to jointly cultivate talents with the practical departments, actively promoted the exploration and reform of the talent training mode of the penological integration of production, teaching and research, and continued to deepen the development and creation of the discipline of criminal execution (penology, community correction, drug rehabilitation).  (Written by Zhao Xinxin


                      Dean's Office, The School of Policing Studies (SOPS)


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